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Specializing in Chinese cuisine.


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Not only are the prices great, but the food is good and their delivery guys are FAST! They arrive at my door SWEATING from high-tailing it over. (Okay, I'm across the street and exaggerating, but their commitment to delivering hot food is REAL! And so is that A rating in their window!)

Just order from here; you don't have time or digestive flexibility for hit-or-miss Chinese food elsewhere.


Top Reviewer
Been ordering from here before Grubhub (10 years or so) and their food has always been good. But theyve improved even more recently. I always recommend this place to anyone looking for good food. Food is consistent and delicious.


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The food might be typical Chinese takeout, but they're always on time, always get the order right, and it arrives hot. Plus they include fortune cookies! No one in this neighborhood includes fortune cookies anymore.


2 reviews
I love Wing Wah, their food is always so delicious literally, my favorite Chinese restaurant in this area and they always have great prices. I would definitely recommend you to order from here.


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They are so nice I ordered food for my 91yr grandma that is hard of hearing.the delivery man banged on the door an patiently waited for her while shouting "grandma Chinese food!open up!"

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Top Reviewer
My new favourite chinese place. Succulent, juicy & delicious ribs! Yummy. Did not like the doughy pork dumplings, enjoyed the beef with blackpepper sauce (with onions & green peppers). The singapore noodles were great -- personally prefer a little spicer.I liked their pork fried rice -- did not like (personally) their shrimp or chicken fried rice. French fries are the crinkle cut frozen variety. I enjoyed. Sodas cold, arrives earlier than estimated, delivery guy great (I live in a walkup and he came upstairs).


2 reviews
I usually get food from across the street however this one is good and I haven't had any problems from it. They even deliver to your door. Thank you for that because I'm disabled woman with children and can't walk to the lobby due to my condition. Keep up the good work.

John Vincent

Top Reviewer
Food always arrive in a punctual manner. It has always been hot and flavorful, and they serve good portions of the main dish. Highly recommend! (General Tso Chicken is my fave and getting the brown rice upgrade makes it taste gourmet!)


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as always....perfect on time and most perfect ghetto chinese food ever! Only in the hood! but seriously... food is great and the delievery guy each time is alway nice and patience. never expect that...


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My go to Chinese spot, always one time and yummy. However the driver never comes to my door. That's the only downside, that I have to come downstairs

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